Dr. Jonathan Gross


Dr. Jonathan Gross, Director BHNF As a therapist, I consider it a privilege to join my clients in the process of psychotherapy, a process designed to launch people beyond issues such as depression, anxiety, and relationship-pain. My clients experience far less of those distressing symptoms as they access their innate tendencies towards healing, growth, and personal freedom. My passion for psychotherapy is continuously renewed because of its proven ability to stimulate mental health and ignite human growth. As a neuropsychologist, I apply scientific knowledge about brain-behavior relationships to promote cognitive, behavioral, and emotional wellness through targeted assessment procedures. My training in neuropsychology included a two year post-doctoral residency at the Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital here in Jacksonville, Florida. At Brooks Rehabilitation I worked with patients, families, and other heath care professionals to understand and manage the diverse effects of acquired brain injuries and psychological conditions. My training also included a 1 year internship in rehabilitation neuropsychology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center- Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in New York City. At Mount Sinai, I had the opportunity to work with individuals across a range of medical and behavioral health disorders in the context of a rigorous training program in one of the country’s most respected medical institutions. In 2011, I was awarded a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Atlanta. While in Atlanta, I received clinical training and supervision at various recognized centers of excellence including Emory University, Kaiser Permanente, Restore Neurobehavioral Center, Cognitive Rehabilitation of Georgia, and Psychological Sciences Institute (currently Mind and Motion Developmental Centers of Georgia). Collectively, these experiences have led me back to Jacksonville where I established Behavioral Health of North Florida. My goal in doing so was to provide a user friendly environment for individuals and families to experience meaningful breakthroughs in their daily lives. These goals are accomplished through one-on-one inquiry and implementation of basic scientific principles into the patterns that cause and maintain unwanted behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Whether conducting a comprehensive assessment or engaging in  psychotherapy, I consider it an honor and privilege to work with you on issues that touch on some of the most essential aspects of who we are. Wishing you well,

Jonathan Gross, Psy.D.

Director BHNF

Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychology

Florida License No. PY 8505 | Georgia License No. PSY003602